carpet cleaning in Rockhampton

Over time, your carpets will collect dirt, oils and other contaminants from daily use. Get your carpet looking as good as new with an affordable clean from Prestige Carpet Cleaning.

We perform both steam and dry encapsulation cleaning as well as stain removal, giving you the best option no matter what type of carpet you have. Prestige Carpet Cleaning services both domestic and commercial properties in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Gracemere and surrounding areas. Contact our experienced team today for a quote.

Carpet Steam Clean - Carpet Cleaning in Rockhampton, QLD

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction cleaning is performed by the latest Sapphire Scientific Truck Mounted system to professionally remove dirt, grime and harmful bacteria. 

Prestige Carpet Cleaning provides a comprehensive blue ribbon service that ensures the best results every time. This involves the following steps: 

  •  Identifying the carpet types as either synthetic or wool fibre.
  • Vacuum cleaning all carpets with upright vacuum cleaner with Hepa filtration.
  •  Furniture removal if required.
  • Pre-spraying carpets with appropriate eco-friendly cleaning solution and allowing a dwell time for the solution to break down dirt, greases and oils on the carpet fibre. High traffic or soiled areas are also agitated manually or mechanically for optimum results.
  • Carpets are then steam cleaned and pH neutralise with the most advanced hot water extraction system. Prestige Carpet Cleaning can also provide speed drying if required. 

Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning is a system that was developed in the 1990s.  Encapsulation is a process where deep cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from carpet. 

The encapsulation solution is applied to carpets by rotary machine to work the solution deep into the carpet. The cleaning compound in the solution then absorbs and crystallises around the dirt particles in the carpet and is ready to be vacuumed up afterwards.

Encapsulation is excellent for commercial, high volume traffic areas as there is minimal drying time. There is also the added benefit of reducing carpet degradation by wetting it less frequently. Not sure which carpet cleaning method is best for your property? Contact our experienced team to discuss your needs. 

Carpet Cleaning
Red Wine Spilt on White Carpet - Carpet Cleaning in Rockhampton, QLD

Stain Removal

Spilt some wine on your carpet? Don’t worry! Contact Prestige Carpet Cleaning for quick, efficient and affordable stain removal throughout Rockhampton.

Stained carpets are often difficult to clean and doing it wrong can lead to permanent damage. This is why our team, with more than 20 years’ experience, takes extreme care with all carpets and upholstery, ensuring your stains are removed perfectly, without leaving any damage behind.

We remove many types of stains, including:

Got a stain that’s become part of the furniture? We will clean it. Contact our team today for a
quote on our extensive stain removal service.